Joint Secretary Speaks


Dr. Baljit Singh Sekhon

Joint Secretary
Finance & Youth Affairs, AIU

Be it Global Sun, Report (United Nations), or World Youth Development Report of Commonwealth, it has been widely recognized that youth is the most effective agent of change and nations that invest in their young people reap the benefits through greater growth and social well-being for generations to come. lt is more effective to invest early than to repair later. In the lead-up to International Youth Day, Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, said that "we must work with young people to successfully achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

In India, despite of strenuous ethnic composition, diverse cultural heritage, our coexistence together for centuries makes us unique and exceptional nation in the world hence this great country prevalently being referred as "the land of unity in diversity".

The camaraderie of the young performers has been established by Association of Indian Universities through various youth related programs during the past three decades which has been playing a vital role in burgeoning cultural, emotional and national integration with the help of cultural exchange amongst students from diverse regions and religions. These annual youth festivals provide our youth with a "blank slate", allowing them to try on different behaviors and identities. We are committed to promote courageous character and emotional maturity while respecting and harnessing the benefits of their individual strengths, unique approaches, and mandates. As a prominent brand, the AIU UNIFESTS are also a channel of inculcating in the younger generation a spirit a unity and leadership qualities and promoting dignity for Indian culture and a responsiveness of national identity.

I would like to congratulate the whole fraternity of Association of Indian Universities and everyone connected to this youth festival. And this year, the host of this marvelleous event - The 34th National Youth Festival is Chandigarh University, a nationally renowned higher Education establishment and we know for sure, this year's festival is going to be grand! I welcome you all to this most awaited event, where all your hard work and dedication will be put to test and be awarded. I would like to end by saying -"There is no losing and winning but rather the value is in the experience of imagining yourself as a character in whatever genre you're involved in.

We are Waiting for you !

Culture, Competition's, Traditional Attires, Music, Dance, Celebrity Performances, Skits, and Prize Distribution - CU Youth Fest 2019 is going to be the redefinition of all the youth extravaganza's and going to be the biggest cultural festival of this era. And because you have got the talent, we bring you the most adventurous stage for the most breathtaking experience. Join us on the day of CU Youth Fest on 1 - 5 February, 2019 and grab your chance to exhibit all the thrill and passion inside you. It would surely be a beneficent step towards becoming the best version of yourselves.